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It's Christmas Again in Russia

6. January 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

It may feel like déjà vu for many Russians who are preparing more feasts, more gifts, and more parties for the Russian Orthodox Christmas.


Celebrations begin tonight with a special televised speech from the President. Many will attend religious services, especially the Midnight Mass held in the restored Christ the Savior Cathedral near the Kremlin.


While this holiday is not as important as New Year’s Day, many Russians still welcome more time to spend with family and friends. A large family dinner is enjoyed, possibly including leftovers from last week’s feasts. More gifts are gladly exchanged, although this holiday is more about inner reflection, healing, and hopeful preparations for the coming year.


This Christmas Eve also marks the start of an old Slavic holiday called Svyatki, in which young Russian women use a mirror and candles to invoke the image of their future husband. Fortune tellers are once again called upon to give more predictions on life and love for the eager Russian ladies.


Make sure to wish your favorite Russian ladies another happy holiday and find out what they’re doing to celebrate this special day.