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Is it Dangerous to Travel to Russia, the Ukraine?

17. February 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Some gentlemen may wonder if it’s safe to travel to Russia and/or the Ukraine right now, due to recent protests in the area. However, though some Russian and Ukrainian citizens are indeed unhappy with the political events in their countries, and have staged protests as result, it is still reasonably safe to travel to these Eastern European nations. Protests and riots happen everywhere, and they aren’t signs of a crumbling nation on the verge of collapse. 


The U.S. Department of State describes Russia as a “vast and diverse nation,” and reports that many U.S. citizens find their visit to be “both exciting and rewarding.” However, the entity does discourage Americans from visiting Chechnya and the rest of the North Caucasus region. As for Ukraine, the Department of State describes the nation as having improved facilities for travelers, though “the quality of travel and tourist services remains uneven throughout the country.”

If you’re concerned about traveling abroad safely, check the Department’s Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts for up-to-date information. Gentlemen who plan and prepare for their trip, rather than heading out on a whim, and those who exercise a little common sense should be fine when traveling to Eastern Europe.