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Is Russian Love Match for Casual Dating or Serious Relationships?

7. November 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Some men want to know where the women on Russian Love Match stand when it comes to dating and marriage. Do the ladies want to get married right away or are they open to casual dating? Is the site populated by marriage-minded singles or those only interested in flirty chats and light-hearted banter? Here’s the answer…

While the Russian dating industry has been traditionally geared towards marriage, both casual daters and serious singles can now find like-minded members on RLM. Thousands of women are active on our site, and some hope to find a spouse immediately while others are more interested in taking their time and keeping things casual. Communication is key to finding a woman who shares your relationship goals.

It’s important to note that it takes much more than a desire for a serious relationship to make one happen. Some singles are so focused on trying to find a lifetime partner that they rush through the early stages of dating and courtship. This is unfortunate as such intensity can scare potential matches away and sap the joy of love out of finding love online.

Is Russian Love Match for casual dating or serious relationships? Neither. It’s for both. All sorts of singles are trying their luck on RLM. It’s up to you to find a compatible lady who shares your goals, hopes, and dreams (or at least have fun trying).

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