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What Exactly is an Intimacy Request?

29. September 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

With a name like "Intimacy Request," gentlemen can't help but be intrigued. Does it mean a gentleman is requesting intimate relations with a lady? Is it a request for a lady's time? What exactly is a gentleman requesting? To help our members better understand the important Intimacy Request process, here is some basic information about what an Intimacy Request is and what it is not.


What An Intimacy Request Is

If a lady accepts a gentleman’s Intimacy Request, the two will be able to communicate on RussianLoveMatch without any filters. This means the couple can exchange personal contact information, send sexy or explicit messages, and arrange to meet in person as long as both parties are willing. However, gentlemen should keep in mind that there are no guarantees. A lady does not have to send her phone number or email address and she does not have to agree to a meeting. To avoid frustration and misunderstandings, we recommend that gentlemen ask ladies what information they are willing to divulge and what they think about meeting prior to submitting an Intimacy Request. Members should never assume anything.


What An Intimacy Request Is Not

Some gentlemen believe that an Intimacy Request is akin to purchasing time with a lady. This is not correct. The ladies are not escorts, and though many women do meet men who have sent them Intimacy Requests they are not obligated to do so. A man cannot simply show up in Russia or the Ukraine and expect every lady who has accepted his Intimacy Request to be available to meet on demand or even willing to meet him at all. Again, communication is key to avoiding frustration and misunderstandings!  In addition, an Intimacy Request does not guarantee a gentleman will get lucky should a lady agree to meet with him and it does not guarantee a lady will share all, or any, of her personal contact information.

In conclusion, an Intimacy Request is simply a request a gentleman sends to a lady to chat on RussianLoveMatch without filters and to possibly exchange personal contact information like phone numbers and email. It is not a guarantee of any kind. Men should always communicate with a Russian lady to ensure the two have similar expectations about what will happen should she approve an Intimacy Request. Trust us, men would save a lot of time and frustration if they would adequately communicate with a special lady prior to submitting an Intimacy Request!