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Internet Dating: Second to None

1. December 2009 by James 0 Comments

In just a few short years, the Internet and the businesses that is has spawned have become the most important tool of commerce since the wheel.


Think about it, the Internet, in its present form, has been around since the first Clinton administration.  While Internet speed, availability and usefulness have improved, the bad elements have also become craftier and slyer in their attempts to spread lies about their competition.


Are You Scammers?

Many times members will ask our lovely web hostesses why® seems to be on Internet scam lists. The answer is simple, these so called “black lists” are nothing more than tools that certain unscrupulous competitors in the online dating industry, use to slander their competition and generate more traffic to their sites.

Furthermore, there is no “official black list” of online dating sites. There is no regulatory body for online dating. False claims and information are published on these sites, and there is no forum to debate the claims. These sites practice a form of Internet court, where they say you are guilty and give you no chance to offer evidence to the contrary; a very un-American style or if you will, dishonest style of business.

Unfortunately, people will believe what they want to believe.  If you look carefully, most of the scammer sites post a disclaimer stating their lists are just opinions of the author.  They offer no way to contact them. Many do not disclose their physical address or telephone number. In addition, the sites will list what they claim are “approved” or “gold” sites which the blogger will be compensated for in some form or fashion for just linking directly to these sites.


The Women Have to be Paid

All the ladies on our site are not paid or pay to be a part of the online dating experience. Why? Sorry, guys but it goes all the way back to the beginning, when Adam had to give up his rib for Eve. Simply, men have always had to pay in one form or another when wooing women.

What we do is compensate the agencies for their services to the ladies such as offices, computers, video cameras, translators and interpreters. Please keep in mind that there are more than 13,000 ladies on the site, for a company our size; it would be impossible to employ that large amount of ladies.


Superior Service & Quality

The staff at® strives daily to be the best in the industry. We do this by providing our members with video verification of our ladies, phone and online customer service, introduction videos and live video streaming.

If you desire quality and superior service, then® is the Internet dating site for you.