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Instant Chat, Live Video Streaming Puts the Rush in Russian Dating

10. February 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Can't stand waiting around for an email reply? Try Russian Love Match's live chat and video streaming features. They put the rush in Russian dating!

To start chatting with a Russian woman right away, simply log on to and check out the “Ladies Online” panel to the left of your screen (or click on the “Chat Live With Russian Ladies Now!” panel to the right of this post). If the people icon in a lady’s profile card is green (not flashing), then she is logged on and available for instant chat. A flashing people icon indicates that a lady is both available for live chat and webcam enabled. Click either icon type to begin chatting.


Members may also accept chat invites (top part of screen) by clicking “Let’s Chat.” If you’re viewing a Russian woman’s profile, simply click on the flashing “Live Webcam” button just under the lady’s use name to launch a chat session. If the Live Webcam button is not flashing the lady is not currently streaming video. Gentlemen can also watch a lady on camera without chatting, though women may find it strange to have a viewer that isn’t saying anything.

Many members of Russian Love Match (both male and female) prefer live chat because it provides instant gratification. Members can type a question and receive a reply in a minute or less, rather than waiting days or even weeks for a response. Not only that, but members who chat don’t have to worry about communication getting lost in the shuffle or that a potential match will forget to reply.


RLM's exciting chat feature allows gentlemen to connect with Russian women right away. Try it today!