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Incredible Irinas! (Pics!)

30. September 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Meet pretty Ukrainian lady, Fluffy5

You may already know some gorgeous Russian girls named Irina since this is a very popular name in countries of the Former Soviet Union. It’s a variation of the Greek name Irene, which means “peace”.


Are you familiar with the gorgeous Playboy Playmate named Irina Voronina? She appeared in the first Playmates at Play calendar in 2005 and was the St. Pauli Girl Beer spokesmodel in 2008.


There is also Irina Pavlova who recently became president of Onexim Sports and Entertainment, the company that is managing Mikhail Prokhorov’s ownership of the New Jersey Nets. She was also the first employee of Google in Russia.


While we’ve celebrated Russian Name Days for Irina earlier this year, there are so many new ladies joining that we’ve managed to find some girls you may not have met yet. Click on the photos to view the profiles and be the first to send some special wishes!


Sexy Russian woman, Tenderso40

Gorgeous Russian girl, Rom_Ashka

Beautiful Russian bride, IraFlower

Stunning Ukrainian woman, IraPearlina

Sexy Ukrainian girl, IrinaGrace

Hot Russian bride, EntrancIra

Sexy Ukrainian student, SkyEyes

Beautiful Russian woman, Irina091705

Gorgeous Ukrainian girl, Irina477

Hot Russian bride, OpenSmile

Beautiful Ukrainian bride, Irina1373

Fun Russian bride, Daisy96

Hot Ukrainian bride, LovingEyes