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How to Write an Eye-Catching Profile

18. January 2010 by Daniel 0 Comments

One of the most toughest parts of getting started in online dating is figuring out what to say in your profile. Staring at the blank page, you want to fill that empty space with information that both attracts the attention of the Russian ladies as well as acts as an accurate reflection of who you are.


Here are a few pointers for you to follow on how best to write about yourself in your online profile. 


Write the Way You Speak

A good way to think of your profile is like a free verse poem. Nothing needs to rhyme. There is no need to polish your work (beyond correct spelling, grammar, etc.). If you have a creative mind, this should come easy as you can just take whatever comes first to mind and type it right into the profile. Ask yourself: if someone told you to describe yourself, what would be your immediate response? Whatever the response is, write it down.


Talk About the Things You Enjoy, Not Things You Despise

The more you speak in a positive tone about your life, the more desirable you will appear. Mention a little bit about your family, the work you do, and your non-work-related hobbies. It might be OK to mention one or two things you can’t stand, but building a laundry list of things you don’t like will make the ladies pass.


Mention Specific Experiences You Have Had

If you make a list of your interests, it will help you stand out more if you can describe specific things you have done while pursuing those interests. For example, if you enjoy music, talk about some concerts you have been to. If the outdoors is your thing, talk about trips you have taken and places you have explored. The more specific you are the better.


Hold Back the Details

Remember that your profile is a synopsis, not the whole story. While it is important that the Russian ladies get a sense of who you are as an individual, they don’t need to know every little detail of every aspect of your life. Give them a glimpse – if they are interested, you can tell them the rest of the story directly.

In summary, remember to be specific, but don't give too many details. And stay positive, but remember to be yourself. If you are honest in what you write, you will receive a better quality of responses.


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