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How to Tell if She's the Right Russian Lady

14. January 2010 by Daniel 0 Comments

If you are already a member of Russian Love Match, you have likely already traded messages with more than a few of our beautiful Russian ladies. But with so many to choose from, how are you to know which one is the right woman for you? In order to answer this question, you have to determine how much chemistry you have with a particular lady. 



One of the essential elements of any romantic relationship is chemistry. This means that the respective personalities of both parties in the relationship mesh well together and that the couple shares an excellent rapport. Sometimes chemistry is established right away and other times it might take a while. In any case, it is not a good idea to pursue a relationship if you and your Russian woman do not share a sense of strong chemistry.


Just Because She’s Hot, Doesn’t Mean She’s the One

Remember not to confuse lustful feelings with true chemistry. As you know from browsing, Russia is full of highly attractive women. However, just because these women are hot, does not mean that each of them is your soul-mate. You might like a particular lady because of the way she looks, but you will need to get to know her well to judge if she is the right one for you. The worst thing you could do is pursue a relationship without chemistry, while much more compatible Russian woman is waiting to hear from you.


It Takes Time

You should not be dissuaded from pursuing a relationship with a Russian lady if the sense of chemistry is not immediately apparent. As mentioned above, it may take some time before you and your Russian lady are able to get to know each other well enough to find the chemistry you share. So talk to each other. Get to know more about your respective lives, families, jobs, interests, etc. Take the time, but not too much time. If you have exchanged messages several times and things just are not clicking, it may be time to move on to other Russian women.


Of all the elements that go into creating and maintaining a successful relationship, chemistry is among the most important. You may be able to sense it from the moment you first talk to your Russian bride, or it may take several tries before you can tell whether it's there.


In any case, you will never know if you don't try. Sign up for a Russian Love Match premium membership to start chatting with our Russian ladies today.