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How to Handle Russian Dating Critics

21. May 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Though things are slowly starting to change, the Russian dating industry is still taboo and many people are against Western men looking for love with Russian and Ukrainian women. Here's how you can refute the 3 most common arguments against Russian dating.

"She's a gold digger." or    "She only wants to get out of Russia."

The most common myths about the Russian dating industry are that the women are greedy gold-diggers who are only interested in money and a green card. So how can you refute this argument? By explaining what Russian women give up when they move abroad.    

When a Russian woman leaves home she must give up close contact with her friends and family, adjust to a foreign culture, and learn to speak a new language. These are no easy tasks! Could your friends and family do all this? Permanently moving to a foreign country can be a painful, difficult process and is almost impossible to bear without a supportive, loving partner. Money and citizenship may be nice, but what good are they if a lady is isolated and miserable in a foreign country?    


"Russian dating profiles are fake!"

Many people erroneously believe that the majority of profiles on Russian dating sites are fake. They believe that the women in the photos are actually models or celebrities, and that a Russian man named Boris is using sexy profile pics to lure foreign men into sending money.

While this scam does exist, it is not the norm and our live video streaming service is an easy way to refute “the women aren’t real” argument. If you can see for yourself that the woman on camera is the same woman in the profile and is the same woman answering your chats and emails what more is there to say?


"Why can't you get a woman here?"

Some people assume that if a man is interested in finding a partner abroad than there must be something wrong with him. This prejudice is similar to those people had about online dating when dating sites first appeared. Remember when people thought online dating was for losers?

Your friends and family should already know that you’re not a creep or a loser, but the best way to ease their minds about your interest in Russian dating is to educate them about the industry and help them see that, despite a lingering stigma, Russian dating is really just a niche version of the more popular mainstream dating websites. You may also want to educate them about common stereotypes and assure them that Russian women aren’t prostitutes, gold-diggers, sex slaves, etc.


When it comes to Russian dating critics, a little education goes a long way. Your convincing arguments can dispell the common myths and stereotypes that plague the Russian dating industry and help make your experience that much more enjoyable.