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How to Handle Lots of Email

19. April 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

One of the things that separates Russian dating sites from domestic dating sites like Match or eHarmony is the amount of mail men receive from single ladies. Many members of Russian Love Match, particularly those who have just joined the site, are amazed by the number of messages they receive from Russian women. It doesn't take long for the emails to pile up, and many gentlemen have trouble staying organized. If you're struggling with an overflowing inbox, here are a few tips to get you back on track.

How to Handle Lots of Email

The Black Book is a great way for gentlemen to organize their mail and sort by Favorites, Admirers, Matches, and Intimate Contacts. Members can also use the Black Book to view email history, write and review notes, add an important date to a calendar, and keep track of gifts. Click here for a Black Book Video Tutorial.

Additionally, members can also block a lady’s mail. To block a lady, simply open her email and click the “Block” link. The woman will then be relegated to your Block List and you’ll no longer receive emails from her. You can always unblock the lady if you change your mind.

Finally, don’t try to respond to every email you receive. Some men feel obligated to respond to every message, and though it’s a nice thought attempting to do so will only be a waste of time and money. The ladies do not expect a response to every email they send and they will not be heartbroken if a man doesn’t write back. It’s perfectly acceptable, and often necessary, to delete unsolicited emails from women who aren't a match.

Why Do Russian Women Send So Much Mail?

So why do men receive so much mail on RLM? Well, first it’s important to note that there are thousands of women on If just 1% of the ladies send a gentleman mail, he will receive 100 letters. The women on Russian dating sites are also more proactive than the women on domestic dating sites, primarily because the ladies outnumber the men. Finally, many ladies on RLM reach out to as many gentlemen as possible because their time is limited. Remember, many women do not own home computers and must travel to agencies to get online. The ladies simply don’t have time to pore over each gentleman's profile and so they choose to send out multiple introduction emails instead.


Don't fret about receiving lots of letters from lovely ladies. Gentlemen who organize their inbox with the Black Book, block mail from particularly aggressive women, and delete unsolicited mail from non-matches have no problem managing the high volume of mail members of Russian Love Match receive.