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How to Find a Compatible Partner on Russian Love Match

14. June 2013 by Christy 0 Comments

There are thousands of women on, but you naturally won’t be compatible with them all. Here’s how to find the best match for you. 


Read Profiles

The most obvious way to find a woman who shares your interests, goals, and values is to review her profile. Many women write about their hobbies, studies, and occupation, as well as the type of man they’re hoping to meet. The information on the ladies’ profiles may not be detailed, but are often enough for you to determine if a woman is a potential match. Alternatively, you’ll also find info in profiles that can help you eliminate a woman from your search due to compatibility issues. 


Ask Questions

Once you’ve found an intriguing prospect, send an email or initiate chat. In these settings, you can ask more detailed questions to get a better idea about who a lady is and if she’s the one for you. You should also be prepared to answer questions and share information about your own life. After exchanging several emails and talking in chat, you should know if the relationship has potential or if things between the two of you are unlikely to work out. At this point, you’ll need to determine if you should break things off or keep communicating. Whatever you decide, you should always be honest with the woman in question.


Of course, a couple doesn’t have to share every interest, hobby, or goal to have a happy life together. However, compatibility is important and there are certain things men and women want in a partner. The best way to find a long-term partner on RLM is to pay attention to the ladies’ profiles and ask questions about the things that matter to you. Good luck!


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