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How Will Russian Women Celebrate the New Year?

29. December 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Have you had enough celebrating yet? The season certainly isn't over in Russia and Ukraine. Some of your favorite Russian girls will be partying this weekend for the "New New Year" and then participating in a more nostaglic season-ending celebration for the Orthodox New Year ("Old New Year") on January 13th.


While New Year traditions vary all over the world, many typically involve friends and family, plenty of libations, the countdown, and fireworks. Some revelers go out to clubs, restaurants, and pubs to party the night away, while others choose the cheaper alternative of staying home and gathering with friends. How will most Russians be celebrating New Year's Eve?


The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center surveyed 1,600 people from 46 regions and found that 72 percent plan to ring in the New Year at home with relatives, while 16 percent plan on going to someone else's home.


"All other options, including a restaurant, a country house, a bar and so on, garnered about 3 percent. There are also those who are not going to see the New Year in. This group amounts to 2 percent every year with an unexpected 4 percent peak in 2009," said the center’s Director General Valery Fedorov.


Fedorov also predicts that more money will be spent on the holiday this year.


"Average expenses on the holidays are expected to amount to 250 dollars this year. Six years ago this sum was twice as small. Does it indicate price growth or the growth of prosperity?" he wonders. "We conduct polls after holidays and ask how much money people really spent. It always turns out that they spent more than they had planned to. So inflation does not play any role here. In fact, people are regarding New Year as the most important holiday."


Most money is spent on meals and gifts with the most popular being souvenirs, candies, toys, perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, alcohol and delicatessen items. Ask your favorite Russian ladies how they'll be celebrating this year!

Source: The Voice of Russia