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How Good Grammar is Good for Your Online Relationship

7. December 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Every dating advice site tells you how important good grammar is in online dating. While the reasons for this in Canadian, American or other native-English dating are obvious – people often make negative judgments against those who use poor grammar or text speak – the reasons it is important in Russian dating may surprise you.


Messages that you send often must be translated into Russian for your lady to read. And, even a Ukrainian who is fluent in English may not be well-acquainted with your country’s slang. This will also be true for the Russian and Ukrainian ladies who understand English well-enough to read your emails and chat messages without assistance. If your messages have slang, misspellings, and sentence fragments or odd punctuation, it may be hard for your Russian sweetie to interpret what you are saying, which can lead to misunderstandings.


A few tips to make sure your messages are as clear as possible for your Ukrainian bride:


Use perfect spelling and no text speak.

In American dating, poor spelling could turn a lady off. In Russian dating, it can mean that she will not understand your message at all. Make sure that you have a spell-checker installed in your browser of choice. To be even more certain, read over all messages before you send them. There are some spelling errors that spell-check will not catch.


Make sure your punctuation is correct and that you use complete sentences.

For instance, if you were to end a statement with a question mark, an American, Canadian or any other native speaker would probably understand that you are stating something while indicating a level of uncertainty. However, this will not come through when translating from English to Russian.


Stay away from slang.

Even a highly experienced translator may not be familiar with local slang, and it can make your message hard to understand. Stick with simple dictionary words for the best and clearest communication.


Happy relationships require clear communication. Make sure you have every tool working in your favor by making your messages easy for Russian brides to understand.


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