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How Does Guard My Privacy?

9. December 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

New users to often ask us if the information they post to their profiles will be kept private. Our answer: Absolutely! has a very strict privacy policy regarding our members sensitive information.


Anyone signing up with should be aware that their personal information, such as their name, address, pictures and everything else will not be publicly viewable at all. Information such as last name, address and other details will only be available to administrators for billing purposes here, and ladies on the site will only be able to see your first name, pictures and the information displayed in your public profile.


Our male member's profiles are NOT available to the general public. The website from which the ladies access our services is completely password protected, and new ladies are not granted access to the website, any of the services or your profile until we have verified their identity as well as their willingness to participate in our program. For a lady to become a verified member of our site, they must go through an interviewing process and we must obtain their identification, have them sign an attestation of their intentions to use the site and we film them signing the attestation for our video verification system.