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Headed to Ukraine? Here are 10 Unique Date Ideas

16. February 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Headed to Ukraine to visit a special lady in the near future? Bored by the standard "dinner and drinks" date template? You've got options. Here are 10 fun, unique date ideas sure to delight and entertain. Please note that some of the entries link to posts on our sister site's blog, Hot Russian Brides.


Kryivka Underground Restaurant, Lviv

You’ll need to know the secret knock and password to enter the underground restaurant of Kryivka. [Read More]

Spotykach Restaurant, Kiev

Delight in Soviet kitsch at Kiev’s Spotykach Restaurant. Shots, Soviet folk songs, and salo sandwiches await! [Read More]

Docker Pub, Kiev

Rock rules at Kiev’s Docker Pub, where you’ll find booze, brews, and babes dancing on bars. [Read More]

State Aviation Museum of Ukraine, Kiev

Aviation buffs, history buffs, or even those with a casual interest in Soviet history and aircraft will enjoy the State Aviation Museum of Ukraine. [Read More]

Corsair Restaurant, Kiev

It doesn’t matter if you’re a landlubber or a freebooter, you can treat your Kiev girl to a romantic date at Corsair for a jolly good time. [Read More]

Pharmacy Musuem, Lviv

The Pharmacy Museum in Lviv boasts antique pharmaceutical appliances, prescriptions, medicines, dishes, and a library of pharmacy-related books. There is even a functional alchemy laboratory! [Read More]

Medobory Sanatorium, Konopkivka

Bathe in beer or bear bee stings at Konopkivka’s Medobory Sanatorium!  [Read More]

Numismatics Museum, Odessa

Money matters at Odessa’s Numismatics Museum. [Read More]

Cape of Good Hope, Berdyansk

Chatting with a beautiful bride near Berdyansk? Buy her a new bikini and head to Ukraine's largest water park by the sea. [Read More]

Submarine Base, Balakava

Nestled in the seaside hills of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, the city of Balaklava holds within it a secret that has become a monument to 20th-century history. [Read More]

Happy travels and have fun planning dates with your Russian love match!