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Have You Tried All of the Features on Russian Love Match?

24. April 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Russian Love Match is much more than just sending and receiving emails from Russian women (though that's certainly fun). Be sure to check out these other cool features during your time on our site!

Profile Videos

A Profile, or Introduction, Video is a short video in which a lady shares a little about her life. Some ladies give tours, some demonstrate a favorite hobby, while some simply chat about what they’re looking for in a partner. The introduction videos are as varied as the women themselves, so members never know quite what to expect.


To watch an introduction video, simply visit a lady’s profile and click on the “View My Intro” button at the top of the page. Please note, that not all women have uploaded introduction videos. To search for women who have recorded videos, go to the Advanced Search page and select “Yes” in the “Has Intro. Video” box.

The Black Book

Complete with a section for email history, notes and remarks, a calendar, and a gift registry, The Black Book is a tool designed to help members keep track of their Russian dating communication. Members can also use the Black Book to categorize ladies by Favorites, Matches, and Admirers. Click here to view a Black Book tutorial.

Live Video Streaming

While emails are great, they simply don’t offer members the same instant benefits as live video streaming. Video chat allows men to see, for themselves, that the ladies on camera are the same ladies pictured in the profiles and to witness the smile and mannerisms that make a lady unique.


To instantly chat with a Russian woman, simply log on to and click on the flashing “Live Chat” button on a lady’s profile card. Members may also accept chat invites (top part of screen) by clicking “Let’s Chat.” If you’re viewing a Russian woman’s profile, simply click on the flashing “Live Webcam” button just under the lady’s use name. If the Live Webcam button is not flashing the lady is not currently streaming video.


The Web Hostesses

The web hostesses are experts on Russian Love Match and can answer almost any question that comes their way. Available seven days a week, the hostesses can with help technical issues like uploading photos to your profile, sending attachments, managing chat sessions, navigating the site, etc. The ladies can also help current members with things like Intimacy Requests, credit packages, scam concerns, and more.


Contacting a web hostess is easy. Simply pull up RLM, go to the Website Hostess box in the top left corner, and click the chat icon. You will then be instantly connected to a hostess who is ready and willing to help you.

The Member Help Center, This Blog

The RLM blog and Member Help Center are stuffed with useful information covering everything from culture, dating, history, politics, and more. Be sure to check out our free eBooks, podcasts, and video tutorials!

Zodiac Compatibility

Thanks to Russian Love Match's Zodiac Compatibility tool, members can search for matches based on Western astrology, Chinese astrology, or both!


To assess your zodiac compatibility with a lady, simply click on the “Astrology Sign” or “Chinese Zodiac” buttons on her profile. This will reveal your zodiac compatibility rankings, the advantages and challenges of building a relationship with a lady of a particular sign, as well as your overall chances of success.


Good luck!!