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Handling Russian Bride Rejection

1. August 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Rejection is an inevitable part of dating, Russian dating included. If a special lady doesn't return your interest here's a few tips on how to handle the disappointment.

The first step to dealing with rejection is to expect it. Everyone faces rejection at one time or another and chances are good that not every lady you fancy on will feel the same way about you. Some men believe that women on Russian dating sites will be interested (or at least pretend to be interested) in every man that pursues them but this simply isn’t reality. Expecting rejection upfront will help soften this unpleasant experience when it occurs.

Second, if a lady you fancy doesn’t share your romantic feelings, try to move on rather than grow defensive or endlessly speculate about the reasons she isn’t interested. It’s much more productive to focus on finding new love than to insult a lady for rejecting you, pester her with endless questions, or try to win her over.

Finally, try not to jump to conclusions. When faced with rejection on a Russian dating site, some men become bitter and angry and assume that the site and/or the ladies on it are insincere scammers out to deceive sincere men looking for love. However, this is rarely true. While some Russian women may in fact be insincere, the majority of ladies on RLM are searching for their soul mate.


Don't let rejection keep you down. Men who refuse to dwell on rejection or let it keep them from finding love are the men who are successful on