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Handling Rejection In Dating

25. October 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Even on a Russian dating site, where the odds are stacked in your favor, you are not going to find love instantly. You are not going to be compatible with every lady who catches your eye. It can be demoralizing, but, you need to keep your hopes up if you are going to find the one for you. So, what’s a gentleman to do?


Remain Optimistic

It takes time and commitment to meet the right woman for you. Scores of couples have found love overseas, and it can happen for you. Stay optimistic and keep on trying. The only thing that is certain: if you do not try to talk to the ladies, you will definitely not meet anyone.


No One Likes a Wet Blanket

Do not complain to ladies about other ladies who have rejected you. Do not say things like “I hope that you’re serious,” or “I don’t want to talk to anyone who isn’t looking for marriage.” Statements like these can be quite off-putting. They put a lady on the defensive, which is not a fortuitous place for starting a romance.


Avoid the Scam Sites

Reading the ravings of bitter people who have lost hope can only make you feel hopeless and bitter, too. To stay positive and happy, it’s better to read positive things. The correlation between the sorts of emotions we surround ourselves with and the ones that we wind up feeling is very well established. Instead of dwelling on the negatives when you are down, do something more uplifting, like reading over our testimonials from couples who found each other on Russian Love Match.


Vary Your Approach

Insanity is doing the same thing you’ve always done and expecting different results. Try different approaches in dating to see if they are more successful for you. For instance, assess whether your messages are ones that are likely to start conversations. Or, consider talking to ladies in an older age group, or ones who have lifestyle factors, like children or a prior marriage, that you were previously not open to. 


Keep a positive attitude and an open mind, and you’ll eventually find the right woman for you. There are thousands of Russian ladies on our site looking for love and marriage. Haven’t found your match yet? Log on now to chat with Russian brides.