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Going to Ukraine? These Travelers Share Their Stories

17. November 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Emailing and chatting with Russian and Ukrainian women is great, but actually getting to meet them in person is amazing. Every month, at least 50 of RussianLoveMatch's gentlemen members travel to meet their favorite ladies and many share their incredible experiences.


Some comments are brief, like Arthur who said,

“The translators were good. Your company did a good job. Thank you.”


Others choose to describe their travels in detail, like Chris who said,

“I would like to thank you for all of your help in my recent trip to Krivoy Rog, for finding me the other agency while I was here and the opportunity to meet with another woman. Your tireless work and dedication is wonderful. The second agency was great and provided me with everything that I needed to meet the lady and to make the meeting go smoothly. They provided me with a car that picked me up and took me to the location of our meeting and asked if I needed any help prior to the meeting. I do thank you personally for doing your best in helping me and know that you will do your best for future clients in this city. Thanks!”


Sometimes trips don’t always go smoothly, and some gentlemen members may experience delays, such as Gerardo, who shares his travel story:

“My trip to Odessa did take place. Everything went well, the only thing that was a setback, but that was not the fault of the agency or the airline. Apparently planes don't fly thru rain and wind (Hurricane Bill was in Atlantic at the time) so my flight from Denver to New York's JFK was delayed and I missed my flight to Kiev so I had to stay one extra day in New York. Overall the trip was great; your counterpart at the agency in Odessa was very helpful with everything so I was in never in need of anything. The services offered by your site are great and I will continue using this site. Thank you."


Other travelers experience a relaxing and enjoyable vacation, like Stan, who said:

“Everything I asked for was taken care of very efficiently, promptly, and courteously. There was no problem whatsoever. Your agents at Kiev and Kerch gave me all the services asked for and couldn't have been any better. I was very impressed and pleased. I enjoyed my visit immensely. In fact I'm planning to meet another lady next month and will soon be asking for some services again. I really don't know how you can improve when you provide everything asked for without fail and with ease for me. Thanks for your help.”


Not every meeting results in a perfect love connection, but the trip and experience is still memorable. Wes shares his journey:

“I had a wonderful time in the Ukraine. Although I would not wish to further a relationship with the 2 women I met, the trip itself was good. Both apartments were great and it was a very comfortable stay. The translators were much more fluent then I imagined which also made me feel more at ease. There were many other things that I thought were great and appreciated. I am still using the site and will continue to do so. Thanks again."


So what are you waiting for? You can experience the time of your life with a memorable vacation to Russia or Ukraine. Contact the travel liason today for help scheduling your trip.