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Going the Distance: Making Love Last

11. November 2009 by Marie 0 Comments

How many times have we heard, "It's the little things that count?" Research now proves this is true. Making a relationship last a lifetime is not so much hard work as it is being thoughtful. Every day.


Set the stage now with your Russian love match, and you'll increase your odds of a lifetime of joy when you are together.


A US National Institutes of Health-funded study of nearly 400 couples over 22 years found that the happiest pairs share these characteristics:


Realistic expectations: Relationships and marriages crack under the pressure of communication gaps and incompatibility in sex and mutual interests. What actually breaks people up is a gap between what you and your lady expect from each other. That's why getting to know someone well before committing is critical. We always urge our members to take their time courting and communicating.


Showing affection: Until you meet a lady in person, use chat and email to compliment her often, write a romantic poem, and use our online gift shop to send her flowers, jewelry, even English lessons. Ladies ever tire of this and are much more likely to return compliments. Of course, it must come from the heart.


Find common bonds. This is the absolute best way to bond. Forget the "air of mystery" that's supposed to make you seem cool. It doesn't last. Don't lie, exaggerate your accomplishments or boast to impress her. Be yourself and bond with each other over common interests. Russian women appreciate straight-shooters.

Think positive. No one's life is perfect, but many Russian ladies describe themselves as optimistic. Train yourself to look on the bright side. Retrain your way of thinking: It can be done! And it will make your long-distance love even more excited about meeting you.


The trick to long-distance love is regular, positive and honest communication. With our selection of ladies from many walks of life, you're sure to find a soul mate, and possibly a life mate on