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Go Hiking in Ukraine's Carpathians

19. January 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Full of lush forests, sparkling lakes, quaint villages, and glistening rivers, the Ukrainian part of the Carpathian Mountains is a dream for hikers, nature lovers, and those who wish to see the more rustic side of Ukraine.


Though the area lacks the well-groomed hiking trails, RV parks, and campsites Western visitors may expect, the beauty of the region’s forests, lakes, and villages more than make up for the lack of modern conveniences.


Hikers typically use logging roads or unmarked paths to explore the area, as clearly-defined trails are virtually non-existent. Most of the routes are suitable for beginners, though a basic level of fitness is required. Western visitors are often surprised to learn that they may hike and camp almost anywhere they wish. There are few rules and regulations.


While the area is relatively undeveloped, it is still populated, and hikers will rarely stray far from a village or town. Marketplaces and souvenir shops are common as many visitors flock to the area. This is an excellent to see "old Europe."



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