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From the Olympic Pool to the Fashion Runway

12. November 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Russia’s gifted female athletes often prove to be talented in other areas, as well. Last month at Volvo Fashion Week Moscow, Olympic gold medalists took to the stage as models to show off a fellow Olympian’s couture creations. Four-time Olympic gold medal synchronized swimmer Anastasia Ermakova spent four years developing her clothing line. Anastasia plans to open a boutique and work with clients one on one to create custom looks. Anastasia's modeling history includes a steamy cover shot for Maxim with her synchronized swimming partner, Anastasia Davydova.


One model, Natalia Ishchenko, has won three Olympic gold medals in synchronized swimming. She said that modeling in the show was intimidating as competing in front of an audience. Natalia said that, because she is not used to modeling, she was afraid that she would fall over while walking on the catwalk.


This fit and sexy sports babe is called the Michael Phelps of synchronized swimming. In addition to her Olympic gold medals, she has won over 15 world championships. Natalia says that she works hard for the accomplishments; in the weeks leading up to an event, she would train for 10 hours a day or more. Natalia, however, is ready to pass the glory on to someone else; she retired from synchronized swimming as of November 1st.


Moscow held its first fashion week in 1994. Throughout the event’s history, internationally-known and up and coming designers have showcased their work.