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Forming Your Own Opinion About RussianLoveMatch®

30. November 2009 by Administrator 0 Comments

Have you heard negative things on the Web about RussianLoveMatch? The Internet is full of opinions. It seems that the apparent anonymity the Web provides has augmented the soapboxes of disgruntled employees and disappointed customers. Opinions vary and are rarely fully factual. No one is safe from opinions. Not governments, multi-national corporations, celebrities, or even Russian Online Dating Websites.


Is there truth to forums?

Sometimes, members cancel their subscription to because of something they read on a forum or blog post. While it’s possible that there is some truth out there, the majority of negative feedback on forums and blog posts are perpetuated by competitors and customers that misunderstood the services we offer.


If you have a question about our service or suspect a lady of being on our site for the wrong reasons, contact our Customer Support team via email, phone or Web chat. We are here to help you feel comfortable and secure while using our site. Trust your own experience and find out for yourself.


What do we offer?

  • Do we guarantee a wife? No.
  • Do we sell people against their will? No.
  • Do we force people into being with someone? No.
  • Do we pay people to chat with members? No.

What we do is provide a communication platform that allows single and open-minded men to email, chat and watch videos of single and eligible Russian and Ukrainian women. Also, we provide ancillary services like a Gift Shop and Travel Assistance to help make these courtships and meetings happen more smoothly and efficiently. We have over 6 years of successful matches under our belts and one of the most ethical and robust agency networks in the industry. We don’t sell mail order brides or sex slaves. If this is your fare, please go elsewhere.


Are you fake?

While we can’t guarantee a person’s behavior or intentions, we do only work with dating agencies that attract Russian women that want to find love abroad and come on our site to do just that. We often ban or remove ladies and agencies that are reported to us by our members for inappropriate behavior. It is our promise to our members that we will always investigate any scamming claims and provide feedback in a timely manner. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.


But what if I am rejected?

From time to time, our members may be rejected from a lady they fancy. This will happen, much like in the real world. Sometimes, ladies may be virtually dating multiple gentlemen or will be “playing the field” to ensure that they find the right match. Our members would be naïve to think that just because they like a lady, that it automatically removes her from the dating pool.


Be rational when handling rejection. We know that this is tough, but it will make your search much more fruitful. We have written dozens of articles on our blog on how to best manage your time and money on


Dating other people?

Much like in the real world (I hate to refer to our site as “not the real world”, but it’s a “virtual dating world”) both men and women will date several people before they decide to take it to the next level. This is why it is important to communicate clearly, not behave irrationally and take your time. Resist the urge to shower a lady with gifts, unless you are sure that she is serious about you.


You can find love on, if you are honestly looking for it. And never hesitate to contact Customer Support if something seems too good to be true or feels fishy. We are committed to our members and would love to show you first hand. Form your own opinion.