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Former Tennis Star Voted Sexiest Russian Woman in Politics

2. December 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Muscovite Anna Chakvetadze was a world class tennis star before changing gears and gravitating towards politics. She began playing at age eight and was ranked fifth only four years ago. However, health issues forced Anna to take a hiatus from her beloved sport and seek a new passion.


The 24-year-old decided to join the Right Cause Party and fight for women's rights and children's sports. This Sunday she's in the running for a parliamentary position.


"I joined the Right Cause party because it's a young party. All of its members are young people, who have many fresh ideas. I believe I also can bring some fresh ideas into this project. I'd like to be involved in deciding the questions concerning the sports sphere in case we manage to enter the State Duma. I am especially interested in children's sports. I believe the state should support the children's sports activity, making it completely free of charge."


We'll have to wait and see if Anna receives enough votes to start her political career, but she has already become the favorite in one internet poll. When asked to choose the sexiest Russian woman in politics, users voted for Anna the most, followed by former gymnast Alina Kabaeva, and then Russian spy Anna Chapman.