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Form Letters Are Not Scam Letters

24. June 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

RussianLoveMatch members receive a lot of email. This is especially true for new members. While this may seem like a good thing, many gentlemen are skeptical of the messages they receive, stating that they seem like insincere form letters from Russian scammers.


The ladies' introduction emails, mail in which a lady contacts a gentleman to express her interest and share a little information about herself, are what most men consider  to be "form letters." Men are suspicious because the messages are similar in content and structure and, at times, not tailored specifically for the recipient. These characteristics cause some men to believe the emails are fake and that the women are not serious about finding love. However, the ladies’ letters are similar because people (and this includes gentlemen as well) tend to mention the same things and ask the same questions when contacting someone for the first time. Likes and dislikes come up a lot as do the reasons for seeking love online. A brief overview of a one’s personality is also common.


It’s true that many ladies on RussianLoveMatch send form letters. However, this doesn't mean they are scammers or not sincere in the quest for romance. I’s a common technique in online dating and not an indication of ulterior motives.