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Foreign Husbands Still a Hot Commodity for Russian Women

24. November 2009 by Daniel 0 Comments

Finding a foreign husband is just as much of a dream for Russian women now as it ever has been, according to reports from Russian dating agencies.


As reported on, many Russian women are still taking to the internet to find a foreign gentleman, contradicting recent reports that Russian women lately are less likely to marry foreign men.


The Web site quotes the director of a Moscow marriage agency, who says that the number of Russian women looking for inter-cultural marriage has grown, especially in the last year due to the global economic crisis. The article sites some intriguing facts about inter-cultural marriage among Russian women, all of it painting a promising picture for members of


The Facts

The article sites statistics that show about 7,000 people – mostly women – leave Russia every year to marry abroad. The figure does not include Russian women who leave using visitor, student, or work visas and later register their marriage abroad. The reasons that Russian women gave for wanting to marry include desire for greater financial stability as well as the need for a decent husband.


Where They Come From and Why They Leave

Russian girls from big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg tend to take a longer time with their search as they tend to be pickier about the men they want. However, Russian girls from rural areas and small towns are less choosey. Factors such as poverty, domestic violence, and few marriage or career prospects in their home region are what influence many Russian women to find a foreign husband. Agencies report that it usually takes between three and six months for the women at their agency to find a foreign man to marry.


Where They Go

The agency director also said that most often the Russian ladies are interested in marrying men from places like Western Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia.


The head of another Russian marriage agency agreed with the assessment, adding that British men who use the agency’s services often express dissatisfaction with the women of their own country. Russian women, by contrast, tend to have a more traditional view of what their role in a marriage and a family should be – something British men find refreshing and very appealing.



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