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Feel Your Best When You Fly to See Your Russian Bride

28. September 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

When you fly to Russia or Ukraine to finally meet your Russian bride in person, you want to feel your best during your visit. But, the time change and hours of air travel can do a number on you. Our tips can help you deal with the potential downsides of air travel with ease:


Keeping Hydrated

Drink plenty of fluids. Dry airplane air can cause irritation in your sinuses, your eyes and your throat. Combat this by drinking plenty of water before and during your trip. For your comfort, you may also wish to bring hand cream and moisturizing eye drops in your carry-on bag. Keeping well-hydrated also helps keep up your defenses against cold and flu germs that you might encounter on a crowded airplane.


Pain from Pressure Changes

Many people experience ear pain or headaches when they fly because of the changes in pressure that come with altitude. If the usual trick of chewing gum does not help for you, try taking decongestants or using nasal sprays before traveling. There are also specially made ear plugs that you can wear during take-off and landing that seal the ear canal to keep the pressure changes from affecting you.


Keep any Prescription Medications Near

Make sure that any prescription medicines that you’ll need to take come with you in your carry-on bag. That way, if you and your checked luggage are separated at any time, you’ll have any necessary medication with you. Make sure that you bring enough to last your entire trip, as you may have trouble getting prescriptions filled overseas.


Keep Clear of Germs

Wash your hands while at the airport and before eating. When using the lavatory, use a paper towel to grab the door handle on your way out to avoid picking up germs. If possible, avoid rubbing your nose. Germs that wind up on your hand can travel to your nasal passages almost instantly.


Avoiding Jet Lag

Get plenty of rest before your trip to avoid jet lag. Crossing so many time zones can leave you feeling out of sorts. Catch up on rest beforehand to help counter the effects. When you are in Russia, begin keeping the local time as soon as possible to speed up your body’s adaptation. If you need to sneak naps during the day, keep them short so they do not disrupt your sleep at night. Sleep with curtains open, if possible, so that you are woken with natural light each morning, which is less disruptive than an alarm clock.


We want you to enjoy every minute of your visit with your Russian bride. With proper preparation, you can feel your best, even far from home.