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Exchanging Contact Info - When It's the Right Time

3. December 2009 by Administrator 0 Comments

It's natural for many of the gentlemen who use to want to connect with each of the ladies they talk to on as quickly as possible. However, we encourage you to take your time in getting to know the Russian ladies featured on our site before taking any relationships to a more personal level.


Get to Know the Ladies First

It is of the utmost importance that you get to know the Russian ladies featured on before agreeing to exchange personal contact information or meet offline. Some gentlemen become members of the site with the notion that they will be able to meet and marry the first lady to which they take a liking, similar to a mail order bride service. A cursory examination of will show you that this is not what the site is about. We encourage you to correspond with many ladies using the features available on our site until you find one you know well enough to communicate with via more intimate means.


Though it is rare, there have been some incidents in which ladies have used for illegitimate purposes. Oftentimes, the ladies are seeking to scam the gentlemen who use the site in order to obtain money or gifts. Such incidents may seem easy to avoid, but only through the services provided on can you be provided with a full measure of security against such fraud as you search for your Russian bride. Ensures Your Safety

The features provided to members of are designed to allow you to get to know as many ladies as you would like while also protecting your personal security. Said features include not only e-mail, but live chat and video streaming, allowing you to see the ladies as you correspond with them. was also the first Russian dating Web site to incorporate video validation, a process that requires all ladies who use the site to sign an agreement on video stating that they agree to abide by the site’s terms of use. In the rare case in which a lady does attempt to initiate a scam or otherwise misuse the site, our site administrators actively investigate the matter and assist the gentleman.


We emphasize to all of our members that once they leave the site to correspond with ladies privately, they will no longer have the guaranteed security that each of these features provides.


When You Are Ready

When the time comes that you feel like you know and trust a particular Russian lady enough to exchange contact information, our site allows you to do so if you are a “qualified member.”


“Qualified members” are those who currently have a premium membership and have also spent 1,000 credits during their time as a member. Once you are a qualified member, you can submit an intimacy request and undergo the necessary procedures to obtain direct contact with the lady.


However, once again, it is vital that you get to know a particular lady extremely well through the communication methods provided through before any outside exchange of information takes place. is designed to provide you a safe and secure environment to get to know Russian and Ukrainian women. However, it is ultimately up to you to take responsibility for your personal safety in using the site and to get to know each lady sufficiently before pursuing a deeper relationship.