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Embarassed to Date Russian Women Online?

19. September 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Are you intrigued by Russian dating but worried about what others might think? Don't be embarrassed. Here are three good reasons to let go of your fears and give Russian Love Match a try.


Your Profile Isn't Public

Worried about someone finding your Russian dating profile? Don’t be. RLM doesn’t display gentlemen's profiles to the general public. Furthermore, the male profiles are not available to search engines and men cannot see other men’s profiles or pictures. The only people who can view men’s profiles are Russian women validated through Russian Love Match and the site's administrators.


International Dating Really Works

Many people are anti-Russian dating because they’re certain sites like RLM sell women or that green card scammers dominate the industry. However, such scenarios are the exception rather than the norm. Thousands of men meet and marry women from Russian dating websites and go on to lead happy, productive lives. Check out our Testimonials page to see a few real-life examples from


It's Your Decision

Ultimately, how you choose to find love is nobody’s business but your own. If you think a Russian woman might be right for you, why not follow your heart? People find love in all sorts of unexpected places, and international dating sites are becoming an increasingly popular way for Western men to find a match. Ignore the Russian dating haters and conduct your personal life the way you see fit.

Don’t be embarrassed about your interest in Russian dating. Quench your curiosity by Russian Love Match today.