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Drinking, Russian Dating, and Russian Women

8. February 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Some people think that Russian men and women are heavy drinkers. Russia is the birthplace of vodka, after all. Other people think Russian women are turned off by men who drink (thanks to the whole Russian men are abusive alcoholics stereotype) and choose to stay away from booze. Neither assumption is 100% correct.

As one of the largest producers of vodka, it’s probably safe to say that many Russians enjoy a good drink. However, this certainly isn’t true of all of them. Some Russian women, like women anywhere else, do not like the taste of alcohol or the way it makes them feel. Therefore, they may shy away from adult beverages. If you’re a wine or beer connoisseur or someone who just enjoys a stiff drink, than a Russian teetotaler may not be the best match for you. The opposite is true of well. Many of the ladies of RLM enjoy a nice cocktail from time to time and may not mesh well with recovering alcoholics or men who refuse to drink at all. One can’t simply assume that Russian women don’t enjoy the occasional (or even frequent) glass of wine or mug of beer. 


While a potential match's drinking habits might not seem like that big of deal, problems can, and do, arise when a teetotaler marries a wine lover or a beer fan weds someone who can't stand the sight of booze. To avoid drinking incompatibility, be open and honest about your drinking preferences from the start and search for ladies who feel the same way.