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Don't Scare Your Russian Bride Away

15. June 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

It's an unfortunate fact that many men spook promising matches by behaving in ways that make the ladies uncomfortable. Often, gentlemen do not even realize they're doing something wrong. Below are 3 ways well-meaning suitors scare Russian brides away and how to avoid making these common mistakes.

Being a Clingy Suitor

Clingy men want to be the center of a lady’s world, even if the relationship is relatively new. They get jealous or depressed if things don’t go their way and their needy behavior can be overwhelming. When it comes to online dating, clingy men are relatively easy to spot as they constantly need assurance from women of interest. Such behavior often stems from a man’s insecurities, so do your best to put negative thoughts aside and be the kind of confident man Russian woman love.


Obsessing About the Past

Some men make the mistake of discussing past relationship woes too soon or too often. They share sad tales of how their ex-wives cheated and broke their hearts, how various women used and abused them, how they’re beginning to wonder if true love even exists, etc. While it’s fine to discuss past heartbreaks in moderation, frequently bringing them up may make a lady thing you’re not over your past and not ready for a new relationship. Nearly everyone has been disappointed in love. The key is to move on and try again. 


Rushing Things

When it comes to Russian dating, too many gentlemen get carried away and declare their undying love for a Russian woman after only a few emails. Despite such declarations, the vast majority of these men are actually in love with a photo or false ideal. It’s impossible to fall in love with someone you have never met in person and proclaiming love too soon will make you seem like a lonely soul who is desperate for romance. If you can’t spell a Russian woman’s name, or even know her real name, it’s far too soon to propose marriage. Take your time, build a relationship, see how it goes, and then sing your love from the rooftops.


To keep a promising relationship with a Russian woman on the right track, don't prematurely declare your love, obsess over past disappointments, or behave in a way that is too clingy. It may be difficult, but your efforts will surely pay off.