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Don't Let the Past Ruin Your Future

25. January 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Everyone comes with a dating history and past heartbreaks have a way of affecting current relationships. Here's how to keep the past, both yours and a lady's, from ruining your chance of finding love.


Your Past

Men (and women) who’ve had bitter divorces or messy breakups may have trouble trusting their next partner. This is obviously bad. While it's good to be cautious, don’t let past heartbreaks keep you from finding love again. Some men also over generalize when it comes to dating and women. Just because you’ve had a handful (or even a lot) of bad experiences with Western women doesn’t mean they’re all horrible. Similarly, a bad experience with a Russian woman or two doesn’t mean they’re all deceptive scammers. Though it may be difficult, try to leave disappointments in the past and approach new relationships with a fresh attitude.


A Lady's Past

Everyone has a past when it comes to dating and relationships, including Russian brides. For whatever reason, Western men often forget that Russian women can have just as much baggage as anyone else. Truth is, many of the women on Russian dating sites, particularly the older ladies, have been married and divorced. Many of these ladies also have kids. That’s not to say these women can’t make great partners, but men will need to consider how a divorce and children from a previous relationship can affect their interaction with a Russian woman. Additionally, some Russian women may have been in an abusive relationships and/or the victim of infidelity. Such experiences can cause trust issues and are definitely something you need to be aware of and sensitive to.


While past heartbreaks and disappointments can get you down, they don't have to ruin your future happiness. Be aware of the past, and how it can affect you, and you stand a good shot of finding a true Russian love match.

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