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Don't Keep Making the Same Mistakes

20. January 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Do your Russian dating relationships keep crumbling? Wonder why you're having no luck finding love? Perhaps it's because you keep making the same Russian dating mistakes.

Think back to your last disappointment on (or other dating service) and try to pinpoint what went wrong. Did you and the lady have little in common, perhaps because of a big age gap or general incompatibility? Did you want to get married right away while she wanted to take things slow (or vice versa)? Perhaps you lost touch with a promising match because you were too busy to respond to emails or chat online. Once you’ve identified past problems, think about how you can keep from making the same mistakes again. While it may be tempting, avoid placing all of the blame on the other person. Sure, you may have encountered a bad apple but relationships rarely fail because of one person alone. If you’re honest with yourself about why your relationships failed, you’re much more likely to establish a successful relationship in the future. 

While breaking is hard to do, many people believe there are valuable lessons to be found in failures. Don't keep making the same mistakes. Think hard about your past errors, evaluate what went wrong, and do your best to make things right. 

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