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Don't Fall for Russian Stereotypes

2. November 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Every country is plagued by inaccurate stereotypes. Outsiders view Americans as gun-toting hamburger lovers, the English as fish and chip eating polo players, and Canadians as passionate hockey fans with a penchant for maple syrup. So what do you picture when you imagine Russia? Vodka? Matryoshka dolls? Bears wandering down snow-covered streets? Russia is no stranger to misconceptions and chances are you have been guilty of associating Russians with one of the stereotypes listed below. Don't fall for them!


Stereotype #1: Everybody Loves to Drink Vodka

As one of the largest producers of vodka, it’s probably safe to say that Russians enjoy a good drink. However, contrary to popular imagination, most Russians do not guzzle vodka every day. Russians, like citizens of any other country, have jobs to hold and family commitments to meet. This would be very difficult to do if they quaffed vodka day in and day out. While Russia is known for its vodka just like Japan is known for its sake and Germany for its beer, the majority of Russians do not get drunk on vodka on a regular basis.


Stereotype #2: Russia is Always Cold and Everyone Wears Fur Coats

While it’s true that Russia is one of the coldest countries on earth, it is also a huge nation with a large variety of temperatures. In fact, the summers are as warm as Florida in some places and Russia’s Southern beaches draw many visitors. Perhaps a few of our Russian bikini babes paid a visit? 


As for fur coats, they are popular, but one can hardly claim that all Russians wear them. The idea that all Russians wear fur coats is just as inaccurate as the notion that all English people wear rain coats or that all Americans sport jeans and tennis shoes. 


Stereotype #3: Russian Women Are Mail-Order Brides

Despite what some may think, Russian women are not desperate to marry foreigners. Many women enjoy happy, satisfying lives in Russia and even those who join Russian dating sites do not do so with immigration papers in mind. One of the quickest ways to insult a Russian woman is to call her a mail-order bride, so think before you speak.


Many other Russian stereotypes exist, but none are 100 % accurate. If you wish to impress a would-be hot Russian bride, educate yourself about her home country rather than just relying on common myths. Shatter stereotypes about your own country as well. Intercultural relationships provide an excellent opportunity to learn about other nations and cultures. Take advantage of it on!