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Don't Come On Too Strong

26. January 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Many men are understandably enthusiastic about finding a Russian bride, but sometimes this enthusiasm causes gentlemen to come on a bit too strong. Here are a few tips to keep you from going overboard.

Keep Love Letters in Check

While poems and love letters are nice, they can start to seem creepy if you send them too often. Russian women like to be surprised by unexpected bouquets of flowers or sweet poems. However, you lose the advantage of surprise if you send poems and love notes every week, plus you run the risk of looking desperate. Moderation is generally best.

Don't Rush a Proposal

Russian women don’t want immediate declarations of love and/or proposals. Many men are overcome by the beautiful Russian women they see on Hot Russian Brides and write passionate emails pledging love and proposing marriage. This is a bad idea. Premature proposals and love declarations come across as creepy, not romantic, especially if you’re writing a lady for the first time!

Don't Be Possessive

Some men send heaps of letters to their Russian crush and bombard the ladies with questions about where they’ve been, who they’ve seen, and if they’re chatting with anyone else. These fellows often pressure their ladies to be available at all times and are mad when the women don’t respond to emails or chat requests right away. This is creepy, not romantic. If you want to avoid scaring a Russian woman away, give her some space.

It’s important to note that each woman is different and the advice above is meant as a general guide. Some women love receiving poems every week while others are uncomfortable with gooey romantic sentiments. Some ladies might like an immediate proposal, assuming the gentleman is right, while others need more time. To learn where your Russian sweetheart stands, pay attention to her reactions and react accordingly.


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