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Don't Be Afraid to Report a Russian Scammer!

15. December 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

For one reason or another, many members of Russian dating sites do not report scamming suspicions to the Russian dating services themselves. Perhaps they do not wish to get a particular lady in trouble or think the website will do nothing to solve the problem. The members instead vent their frustrations to outside sources. Unfortunately, this does nothing to solve the problem and only hurts the honest Russian women who are genuinely looking for love online.


Think you've found a scammer on Report her!

The majority of women on are sincere in their quest for love. However, with thousands of ladies on our site, it’s likely that a few bad apples exist. If you suspect one of our ladies of being a scammer, report her. This is the simplest and most effective way to resolve the problem. RussianLoveMatch investigates all scammer complaints and removes true offenders from the site.  It’s impossible for us to closely monitor every lady, and we cannot deal with a scammer if we do not know she exists. It’s up to you to let us know when you have a problem.  

Unfortunately, some gentlemen do not report a potential scammer because they do not want to get the lady in trouble. While chivalry is nice, this approach does not solve anything. Other gentlemen assume that if one lady on RussianLoveMatch is dishonest, then all the ladies are, and that the site is therefore a scam. Such sweeping generalizations only harm honest Russian women and do nothing to root out would-be scammers. Again, if you have a problem please report it.

If you suspect a woman of being scammer, you may report her to RussianLoveMatch in one of the following ways:

Phone: 1-866-235-2479
Customer Service Contact Form


Remember, we can't fix a problem we do not know exists. If you come across any devious behavior on RussianLoveMatch let us know and we will investigate the issue.