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Does a Man Need Money to Find a Russian or Ukrainian Bride?

26. January 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Thanks to one of the most prevalent myths about Russian dating, many gentlemen think they must be rich to attract a Russian woman. However, this widespread belief is simply not true. A man does NOT need to be rich to find a Russian or Ukrainian bride, but some extra income is necessary (though not for the reasons many people think).


Russian Dating Can Be Expensive

While a man does not need stacks of cash to win the heart of a Russian woman, the logistics of Russian dating make it necessary for a gentleman to have some extra money to spend. Why? Quite simply, Russian dating is not cheap. Men who are struggling to get by will likely find it very difficult to afford the membership fees and chat costs of a Russian dating service. Even if a gentleman is able forgo an agency and chat with Russian women for free, he must still make expensive trips to Russia or the Ukraine and then deal with costly immigration and relocation expenses should he and a lady decide to wed.


Rich Men Can't Buy a Russian Woman's Love

Even if a gentleman is a very wealthy, there is no guarantee he will find true love on a Russian dating site. While there are certainly gold diggers out there, the majority of Russian women are not willing to uproot their entire lives for money alone. Many Russian and Ukrainian women lead happy, fulfilling lives in their home countries and are hesitant to leave their friends, family, and culture behind. Love, not money, is the primary motivation for women who decide to take the plunge and marry a Western man.


Does a man need money to find a Russian or Ukrainian bride? Sort of. The logistics of finding, meeting, and bringing home a lady from the former Soviet Union make it difficult, if not impossible for financially-strapped gentlemen to succeed in the Russian dating world. However, the size of a man's bank account is not what attracts Russian women. His personality and character is.