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Does Pay the Ladies?

4. March 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Have you met beautiful Jessi from Sevastopol?

Since there are so many beautiful ladies available around the clock on, it's no surprise that men assume these women are being paid to chat or are employees. The truth is that many Russian brides are so serious and dedicated to their search that they may seem to treat it like a job, however, they are not paid for participating on the site.


The introduction agencies are an essential ingredient in this delicious Russian dating recipe. They are the ones who receive payment from for their computers, internet usage, and many times even their rent and utilities, so a safe, comfortable environment is available for the ladies.


In addition, international dating would not be possible without the skilled translators and interpreters that work around the clock. These employees of the agencies are also the ones who are paid to accurately and professionally help the ladies communicate with greater ease.


Also, you can’t forget the experienced, expert staff of The friendly and accessible web hostesses, along with the informative customer support team, are valuable investments in the success of this international matchmaking service.


In summary, the introduction agencies with their staff of translators and administrators, along with the employees, are the only ones who actually receive money for their integral participation in this unique dating adventure. The Russian and Ukrainian brides themselves are not on the payroll.


Men who believe they are being paid just can’t wrap their heads around the idea that these ladies travel for hours to an agency office and chat with men online with the hopes of meeting their perfect partners. It can be hard to believe when you enjoy such luxuries as home computers and internet access, and don’t often consider the sacrifices that these Russian brides are making. Of course they are striving for a better life with more opportunities as well, but isn’t that what everyone is ultimately after?