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Do the Ladies on RussianLoveMatch Just Want to Escape?

13. June 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Many Westerners believe the women on Russian dating websites are only interested in scoring a green card (or equivalent immigration papers) so they can escape their homelands permanently. However, this is a myth.


While there are poor people in Russia and the Ukraine, life has come a long way since the fall of the Soviet Union and the nations are not as bleak or poor as they once were. The ladies, for the most part, lead happy, active lives surrounded by family and friends and are only seeking a foreign partner because they haven’t had luck at home. It will take much more than the promise of additional money to convince a Russian woman to leave everything, and everyone, she’s ever known behind. Only love will do that.


Anyone who believes the ladies on RussianLoveMatch are miserable and that life Russia and Ukraine is bleak should take a look at the videos on HRBtv or check out the Travel category of this blog. The ladies, and the locales, hardly look miserable.


Are Russian women interested in RussianLoveMatch simply because they want to escape? No! While some ladies may have ulterior motives, the vast majority of Russian women are seeking love, not a way out.