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Does Investigate the Ladies?

2. February 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Many members want to know if we allow any Russian or Ukrainian woman to sign up for our service or if we screen the ladies first. While RussianLoveMatch does not do typically delve into a lady's background, we do take extensive measures to protect our gentleman from scammers. 

Before a lady can post a profile on our site she must record and submit a validation video stating that she is using our service of her own free will, that she will not accept money to use the site, and that she will not solicit members for money or gifts. We also verify a woman’s identity by checking her passport and keeping a copy of the passport on file. A representative from one of our trusted introduction agencies will also interview the lady to ensure she is single and that her intentions are sincere. Women who do not agree to these requirements are not eligible to post a profile on RussianLoveMatch.

In addition, encourages members to report any and all scammer suspicions and will investigate every allegation. If we find that a lady has violated her agreement with RussianLoveMatch we will remove her profile from the site. Our policy is to address scammer concerns as soon as they come up rather than letting them get out of hand. We never knowingly allow a scammer to take advantage of the gentlemen on our site.


The majority of women on RussianLoveMatch are honest, sincere women who are hoping to find loving partners. While some devious Russian scammers may find their way onto our site, we work hard to keep dishonest individuals from using our service.