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Do You Believe in Mail Order Marriage?

8. December 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

mail order marriageNearly everyone has heard of "mail order brides" but most people don't realize you can't simply buy a wife on the internet. While men often joke and tease other guys who look for love this way, it's only because they don't understand this modern method of matchmaking.


Still New and Taboo

Although Russian dating websites have been around for some time now, most people still see it as a fairly new concept that is largely taboo. Some men are still wary of domestic online dating sites, thinking they are for losers or the socially inept that have no other means to find a true companion. New and different ways of doing things are usually mocked and shunned at first, and while Russian dating may not become the norm anytime soon, millions of men are realizing that it is a legitimate way of finding a good woman.


International Introductions

That is one way to term it. It has also been called global dating, international matchmaking, and mail order marriage. Whichever way you refer to it, it all just means finding and meeting your perfect match with the help of the internet. Old-fashioned courting limited your dating pool to girls in your neighborhood. Maybe you’d meet a nice girl at work, at a bar, or through a friend. Today there is no limit to how many new people you chat up, all from the comfort of your computer.


Buy a Bride

Since men pay for the access to be introduced to these wonderful Russian and Ukrainian women, some believe that implies they are purchasing the brides. Men and women all over the world pay for memberships on many different online dating sites, so does that mean they are all purchasing each other? Of course it doesn’t. Online Russian dating is just another, albeit more unique, form of social networking.


The next time you hear or read about how mail order marriages are degrading or insulting to Russian and Ukrainian women, remember that these ladies join this service for the sole purpose of finding their perfect love matches. They are not paid to chat or meet with men, nor are they bought or sold.


Questions and confusion about the Russian bride industry will continue, but you and your Russian lady will have the last laugh when you are experiencing a love life like never before.