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Do Russian Women Date Men in the Military?

2. February 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Men in the military may shy away from Russian Love Match for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they believe Russian women are secret (or not so secret) Communists who hate Western business practices. Perhaps they’re preoccupied with the Cold War or Russia’s role in World War II. Or maybe they’re worried about how long deployments will affect a Russian dating courtship. So, given these concerns, should men in the military still give RLM a try? Certainly!

Though the Former Soviet Union certainly has its share of Communists (as do Western countries), the majority of Russian and Ukrainian women are not anti-Capitalist and have no problem with the way Western countries conduct business. Nor are the ladies preoccupied with the Cold War or the events of World War II. Many of the women on Hot Russian Brides were not even alive during the Cold War, believe it or not, so they have no memory of those tumultuous days and they're certainly not harboring any grudges or secret alliances.

The biggest obstacle active military members may encounter when it comes to Russian dating is deployments. Deployed soldiers may be unable to email or chat with potential matches due to a lack of Internet access. Plus, Russian dating isn’t exactly a priority when bullets are flying in a war zone. If you’ve established a relationship with a lady on Russian Love Match and are facing a lengthy deployment, let her know what’s going on and do your best to stay in touch. If the two of you are a great match than things will work out. If not, then your relationship would likely not survive a military career anyhow.

Russian women respect the military, the men who serve, and they especially love a good man in uniform! Join Russian Love Match to meet your match today.

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