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Do Nearly Nude Pics Suggest She's Not Serious?

18. October 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Have you met sexy Ukrainian woman, -Marmelade- ?

Two of the most popular pictorials on are the Russian Women in Lingerie collection and the Sexy Russian Swimsuit and Bikini photo gallery. These ladies are gorgeous and in great shape so why not show off? While most gentlemen appreciate their beauty and sex appeal, some worry that these suggestive poses purposely pull men in, only to scam them.


The first concern is that men think Russian bride scammers use photos of models and actresses and there’s no way of knowing if they are real. One way to squash those suspicions is to chat with a lady while she’s streaming live video. This way you can see her on camera, probably looking a little more conservative. You can also ask her to email you more photos to help you further confirm her identity.


Another concern is why would so many stunning, sexy women need to search for love online? They should have no trouble finding a partner the traditional ways. Single men and women have many different reasons for choosing this method of matchmaking. Just like the gentlemen are looking for something different, the ladies desire a more multicultural experience as well. They are wildly romantic and dream of finding their other half, no matter how it happens. Online dating just gives them more options.


If a Russian woman chooses to post nearly nude photos on her profile, it doesn’t mean she has ulterior motives and is looking to lure men in to take advantage of them. These ladies are very proud of their appearance and are excited to show it off. Men have the freedom to choose which women they correspond with and can completely ignore those they don’t trust. However, men who chat with the sexiest ladies find that they are just as genuine and down-to-earth as those who pose more modestly.