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Do I Need Lots of Money to Attract a Russian Woman?

6. June 2013 by Christy 0 Comments

Many people believe that Russian women are only interested in dating wealthy foreigners. However, this is just one of many myths surrounding the Russian dating industry. The men of RLM don’t have to own a luxury sports car or beachside mansion to attract a wife. However, it helps if they’re financially stable. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to money and Russian women.


To most people, being financially stable means having enough income to pay the bills and save for things like emergencies and retirement. Russian and Ukrainian women are often completely dependent on a man when they first move to his country, so it’s no surprise they’d like a man who can make ends meet. After all, no woman wants to give up her family, friends, and culture to live with a man who can’t support himself, much less a wife and future children. Searching for a financially stable partner isn’t shallow gold digging; it’s a practical way for Russian women to ensure their safety and happiness.


Men should remember, however, that money alone isn’t enough to attract a match. Some men focus on material possessions when chatting and flirting with the women of RLM, showing off pictures of their house, car, or boat. However, this can come across as boastful and crass. It’s fine to share material details about your life, but don’t make it your focus and be sure to show the women what else you have to offer. 


In short, men don’t have to be rich to find a Russian love match, but most women prefer to settle down with someone who is financially stable rather than someone struggling to get by. This may seem unfair to some, but it’s vital to women who give up everything to move abroad for love.