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Do I Have a Chance with Younger Russian Girls?

19. February 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Have you met Ukrainian student, Mari_Anna?

With thousands of beautiful, single ladies on, there is certainly quite a variety of ages. Some gentlemen like to chat with women closer to their own age, while others don’t put specific parameters on their choices.


You may notice that you receive many emails and chat requests from younger Russian brides. You should consider chatting with these ladies before just brushing them off.


By using the advanced search feature, you can see that Russian and Ukrainian ladies from ages 18 to 25 make up almost half of the female membership. Why are so many lovely young ladies searching for love online? One reason is that most of the younger male population in Russia and Ukraine is enlisted in the military. Another reason is that Russian men of this age group are not yet interested in settling down and starting a family like Russian women are. It’s common for women to dream about getting married as soon as they turn 18, and the internet allows them to turn this dream into a reality much sooner.


Some gentlemen assume they have nothing in common with 18 or 19 year old women and they would have nothing to talk about. They are often surprised at how mature and intelligent younger Russian and Ukrainian women can be. Education is strongly encouraged at early ages in Former Soviet Union countries so most women have the smarts to go along with the stunning beauty. Plus, a 10 to 15 year age difference among married couples is very common in their culture so they have no problem building relationships with older, more distinguished gentlemen.


Next time you see a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman that’s a few years younger than you would normally consider, give her a chance and strike up a conversation. Plenty of gentlemen say they feel more alive with younger, vivacious Russian brides in their lives!