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Dispelling the Myths - The Truth About Russian Love Match

18. December 2009 by Administrator 0 Comments

Anyone who uses can attest to the value of the services we provide for gentlemen in their search for a Russian bride.


Still, there are many misconceptions about the nature of our service - the result of false claims and misinformation spread by our competitors. Some of the most common claims include that the Russian women are paid, that they are not seriously seeking a foreign husband, and other claims having to do with confusion over the difference between our site and a mail order brides service.


Here is the truth to address just some of these myths.


The Women Are Not Paid

One of the most common myths we come across about the women on is the claim that they are paid to use the site. We are not exactly sure why this myth continues to circulate, since our terms of use explicitly state that women are not permitted to receive any sort of compensation for using our service. Keep in mind that there are thousands and thousands of ladies featured on our site. As the site is not a large corporation, it would be impossible for us to employ them all.


Additionally, each of the ladies that use is validated through our video validation feature, which records her signing a document agreeing to abide by our terms of use. If any ladies ask for money or otherwise violate the terms, they are promptly removed from the site.


The Women Don’t Have to Marry

Occasionally gentlemen who are new to will confuse rejection for a scam. While it is certainly disappointing to have a woman refuse your proposal for marriage, her doing so does not mean that she is a so-called “scammer.” makes no guarantees that any of the women will accept a proposal for marriage. While marriage is the ultimate goal of many users of the site, there is a courtship process that must play out online – and later, in person – before such a commitment can take place. It is for this reason that we encourage our members to get to know many ladies over a long period of time – the same way you would through traditional dating.


The Women Are Serious in Their Search for Love

Conversely, some gentlemen assume that Russian women are not serious about their search for a foreign husband. Maybe they’ve been rebuffed a time or two by a lady on the site. Perhaps they just haven’t found the right Russian lady for them. All we can say is to keep on trying. With more than 10,000 ladies using the site, there is bound to be more than a few who would love to make your acquaintance and possibly establish a lifelong commitment.


If you don’t believe this, just check out some of our testimonials from happy couples who met through our service. provides you with the online dating tools that you need in order to find that one special Russian woman. It is ultimately up to you to determine how best to conduct your search.

So start searching for your Russian bride today!