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Dating Russian Women Named Irina? (Lots of Pics!)

28. April 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Meet adorable Ukrainian bride, Iren66!

Irina is a very popular name in Russia and Ukraine. It comes from the Greek name Irene, meaning “peace”. While Irinas may give off a shy and tranquil vibe, they can also have strong opinions and speak straightforwardly.


Plenty of beautiful Russian ladies share this name such as hot Russian model Irina Shayk and Miss Russia 2010 winner Irina Antonenko. This name is also often seen in Russian literature, like Irina Arkadina, a main character in Anton Chekov’s classic novel “The Seagull”, and Irina Prozorova, the youngest sister in Chekov’s play “Three Sisters” which opens with Irina celebrating her name day.


With hundreds of Russian and Ukrainian brides named Irina, you are probably already chatting with a few. Be sure to remember them on their special name day. You can also introduce yourself to some new Irinas, like the ones below. Just click on their photos to view their profiles.


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