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Dating Advice for Single Fathers

23. November 2009 by James 0 Comments

Many men seeking a their true love are single fathers and many of the ladies seeking a husband are single mothers. While online dating is fun and exciting, when you are a parent or are pursuing a woman who is a parent, there are some exceptional issues that will crop up.  Here are some tips to make online dating with children a little easier.


Be honest about children

Be straight up in your profile and let the ladies know you have children. Ladies want honesty. No good, solid, relationship can last when it does not have honesty. Your children a big part of your life but your profile should not be all about them. Let her know a brief amount about your children. For example you might say, “I enjoy cheering my son at his football games. We then go have ice cream after and talk.” Or “My daughter loves it when I read to her before bed. ‘Goodnight Moon’ is her favorite book.”  Keep it brief. You want to let her know about you and your life but remember, your child is not the one dating, you are.


Remember recon

Finding the right person that will complete you is tough. It’s even more difficult when you are a single parent but it is not impossible. You can find out about her parenting style by reading her profile and in your correspondence. If she tells you about her leisure activities does she include her children or does she leaves them with a relative? Does she make time for her kids in her busy life?  Does she enjoy family gatherings or outings? Take special notice of these comments. They provide clues about her parenting skills. But remember it might be hard to gage someone from a few words. The best way is to set up a video date with her. Seeing her in real time will give you the best sense of her.


It’s more than just the kids

Once you have narrowed your choice or choices down. It’s easy to talk about your children or her children. But remember, you want to know her not her children.  So often as a single parent your world revolves your children, you forget that you have needs. While you are conversing with a Russian lady keep the conservation centered on getting to know her. Her likes, dislikes, dreams, desires and goals. There are countless cases where single parents have sent numerous emails about their kids to one another and when they finally meet, nothing. No spark, no fire. Why? It’s simple they had little in common except for their children.


When it does happen, that spark, that magic, when you both know it’s for real, it is an amazing delight! If you need some inspiration of couples that found true love, just click here


Then do it. Take a chance, find her and write your own wonderful love story.