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Crimea Travel Tips from Wayne

25. September 2012 by Christy 0 Comments

Yesterday, Wayne shared a few tips on meeting a Ukrainian woman in person. Today, he recommends a few cities and sites to check out in Ukraine's stunning Crimea region. Enjoy!


Dear potential suitors of Ukrainian ladies:

If you're venturing a visit to Ukraine, I can best advise the summer time for the Crimea. The coastal cities really light up during the summer vacation periods, and it gives you time to enjoy the Crimea region with and without your future lady.


The Beauty and Variety of Feodosia

A small city off the beaten track which has a great beach front that stays alive from nine in the morning till late into the evening. The beach front has two lives:

A day life which offers a fun-filled day full of shops and food and celebration activities which are almost like a carnival. Spend time with your special lady there and relive your high school dating days. There’s nothing better than breaking the ice or touch barrier with some fun, childlike competition.

A night life which offers clubs, restaurants, dancing, music, and local night entertainers. Enjoy a really great romantic setting. Even something as simple as a stroll down by the beach front is nice, and of course, you always have the pebble beach Although if you’re not used to it, the site of naked elderly people does take a bit getting used to. Buy a pizza and a couple of blankets and have dinner at night on the pebble beach. It’s much better than sand beaches as you don’t have to worry about sand sticking to everything.

If you've been a good date and lucky enough, she will show you the center bazaar for grocery shopping. It is a great fresh produce food market, and you get to tour it as a local:) Some food goods look questionable, but if you're adventurous with a strong stomach go for it!

Along with the bazaar, there are more stores and shops. Be generous and see if she likes a new jacket or top or sport shoes. In my experience, your interest will extend your date, and she will want to show you her favorite shop or stores and you get to tour more of the lovely city.

She is a lady so don't buy it for her straight away or be a push over. Tease her a little, and say she has terrible taste! Make sure that she knows you are joking though or it will end the date very quickly. Show some interest and suggest some other styles.


Koktebel is Nice

Right next to he city of Feodosia is Koktebel. If you time it right, you can enjoy the jazz festival there in September. I cost us 250 grivnas one way, but it was definitely worth it. You can spend a whole day there at the beachfront restaurants and street stalls and markets that are different than those at Feodosia. It has its own docking port offering boat rides.

I would suggest taking a late afternoon or early evening ride. Out on the ocean it gets colder in the evenings, and it's your chance to be a gentleman and get a blanket for your special lady, and yes, of course, cuddle.


Places to See Near Feodosia

During the summer, there are many excursions not far from Feodosia. We chose to visit Sudak, the Chersonesos fortress, and Novi Svet. The trip is definitely worth the sites and views and great opportunities if you can slip it in to take some incredible photos together. Don’t worry about the tour guide that will speak Russian endlessly and ceaselessly. It gives you and your lady friend something to laugh about.

Novi Svet is a great place to relax and sample and buy wine or champagne if you so choose. WEAR SUN SCREEN!!! Water is amazingly refreshing and food prices are decent. Definitely a fun outing with your special lady. You get to be a man and help her hike over a mountain. What worked even better was trying to assist her and falling myself. She eventually ended up trying to catch me.

I spent some time with friends in the Crim, but I can’t advise much about staying there. However, there a lot more things to do in the main Crim cities than there is in Feodosia :)


Sevastopol and Yalta

Simferopol is okay, although more of a central hub and transport city than an actual summer fun city.

You will need quite a bit of time in Sevastopol. We spent one day there to get a general impression and it was amazing!! We stopped in Balaklava Bay - you can spend a day there actually - and then in Sevastopol itself at the main harbor or bay... lots to do :)))

If you are up for it, although it’s a bit exhausting, you can see all the Crimean palaces in one day:)) Massandra's Lavadian and (I forget the name of the last one) are well worth it:)) You can also stop off and spend some time in Yalta's main water front. I was lucky in that we visited during the time of the Yalta motor rally. Ladies and cars!! Need I say more.

There’s no need to dine in the main cities. Be a little adventurous and on the roads to Yalta you'll find many cafes or restaurants with Ukrainian or European cuisine.


Bakhchysarai Sites

 Not such a pleasant or pretty city as Sevastopol and Yalta. Very different city. The Tartar Palace is definitely worth a visit but by no means as stunning or as beautiful as the other three palaces. If you are in Bakhchysarai, definitely visit the cave city :)) It is amazing to fathom how people actually lived there :) Also a great hiking trip:) - WEAR SUNSCREEN!